What is Web Manager

The web manager is a microservice that DeltaFX exclusively offers, and it hands over the management of clients and sales to the IBs, marketing team and support team of a broker. This service that can also be offered to other forex brokers is completely user-friendly, and in contrast to MetaTrader manager, it is totally modified and flawless. Web manager is designed based on SSO, and it is highly secure since all the installation steps are in the broker server.


High security

High security is due to installation on the broker's server.



You can change the colors, layout and any other visual or technical features of the web manager based on each broker policy.


Multi-platform nature

Web Manager works on the web platform; hence, you can use it on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.


SSO support

Considering the -Single-Sign-On- feature in the web manager, it is compatible with other services of Google, Facebook, etc.


Web manager has many unique features that can be provided to various broker sections (support, marketing, sales, etc.) based on their needs. This product is unrivalled and exclusive in the Forex world without any exaggeration.


The Web manager simplifies analyzing the traders' data by providing different features and tools for IBs and users. In the following, you can see some of the features of the web manager:

Leads Management

You can have a better view of your active and inactive users by managing your clients and leads. Web manager can operate as a lead source for your broker.

Receiving various reports

If a section of your broker or an IB needs some specific data you can set various access levels and enable them to receive the specified reports and data.

Money Transfer

Web Manager enables IBs to transfer money to their clients, consequently make investing and trading simpler.

Account management

Web Manager is able to manage various accounts with different access levels and it helps you access all details of your broker.

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